Feedback & Testimonials: Steve Nash & Traditional Excellence


On behalf of myself and the service, I wanted to again thank you for the training you provided today. 

With your knowledge, experience and passion for learning it was a pleasure participating in your class. I am fully confident that not only am I a better police officer for having attended I know our instructors will maximize on what they learned and transfer that knowledge to the rest of the service. 

I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Jeff, Canadian Police Inspector

Thanks for the great training seminar you put on for members of the xxxxxxxxxxxx Emergency Response Team.
The guys found your topics, decision making under stress, and mitigating physiological /psychological reactions to stressful situations was very informative.
They especially enjoyed your unique teaching approach of theory and practical exercises. Who says you can’t have fun while learning.
We thought it was the highlight of our training week.
Thanks again, and I look forward to booking more training with Traditional Excellence.”

Steve Nash was right on target. A great speaker who knew his audience. His presentation had some good rhetorical question and got us thinking and yet had some solid nuggets in there for takeaway as well. Humour never hurts as well! Certainly one of the best lecturers that we have had. Definitely bring him back!

Excellent lecture, one of the best of the year. Presented an interesting “out of the box” perspective. Mr. Nash proves how an entertaining and engaging presenter can captivate an audience and allow them to learn effortlessly (and not fall asleep!).

Student Comments from Join Command and Staff Programme 36 at Canadian Forces College, 2010

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“I’ve worked with Steve and have seen him in action in different settings over the past 5 years and have always come away thinking, reflecting about my role in relationships as an athlete, educator, parent and friend. Regardless of his ‘audience’ or group (triathletes, police/security officers, adolescents, women of all ages looking for fundamental fitness and strength, struggling youth or Faculty of Education teacher candidates), Steve manages to use humour, and his experiences as a retired military commander, educator, trainer and mentor to help others meet their goals and challenge themselves individually and as members of a larger group. Steve is a natural leader who thrives off his interactions with others. His understanding of what makes us all human, and his ability to bring groups together, based on this, is what makes him such a positive leader. Spreading a little of “Steve’s magic” is something I try to do whenever I can.”

Shelley Mulrooney
Elementary Teacher
P/J Health and Physical Education Instructor
Faculty of Education, Queen’s University

My name is Jordan and I have recently completed a two month comprehensive training regime with Steve Nash of Traditional Excellence. I am providing this testimonial to properly document and bring to light the quality of the training I received so others may understand the value and breadth which Steve offers. I am also providing this testimonial to assist others in being able to initially place their trust in Steve with their individual training/educational goals, whether they be related to one’s current physical, mental or emotional limitations or whether they just do not have the current know how to start working towards that future aspiration.

I suppose I should begin by explaining a little bit about myself and what prompted me to contract the services of Traditional Excellence. I was sitting in my cubical one day, where I worked as a civil engineer, starring into my computer screen with an intense burn in my eyes when it clicked. All these years of hard work, dedication and aspirations of becoming an engineer were halted, I wanted something different, a career which could offer me a challenge, excitement, reward/personal satisfaction, the requirement to help others and our national interests and one which had a continually changing working environment. I wanted to go for it all, that being a career in one of our country’s Special Operations units. I had been an active member of the Reserves for almost eight years and had always thoroughly enjoyed military life but had never trusted my gut instinct enough to seriously consider it as a full time commitment. The big question was “where do I start”.

Many years ago, I had shared the blue-line with Steve as part of 772 Electronic Warfare Squadron’s hockey team. At that time I new Steve to be a very special person but never new of his accomplishments or his experience in the Forces, as he was never one to boast or brag about himself. As chance had it, I bumped into Steve on the streets of Kingston in 2009 and had exchanged info with him. Through correspondence I learned Steve was now retired from the Forces, was completing his Bachelor of Education at Queens and had started his own company “Traditional Excellence”. I remember going to the Traditional Excellence website and being totally dumbfounded at what I had discovered about Steve, here was a person who I thought I new pretty well but had no idea of his career background or personal achievements. Steve’s resume read like that of one who is super-human, and after sitting back and recollecting all the previous interactions with Steve I had shared, it all made sense. Here is a person who has it all, but beyond that, is truly a genuine, caring, respectful and charismatic individual who is so enjoyable to be in the company of. Steve’s personal character and sought after traits matched with his dedication and determination have obviously allowed for him to achieve beyond what most can dream of, and therefore, who more understands the combination of ingredients for success at so many levels? The decision to turn to Steve for assistance in the pursuit of my aspiration was easy and little did I know at the time how gratifying this decision would be.

Initially when considering a career in a Special Operations environment, I was most concerned with my individual level of fitness. I had been to some of the recruitment websites and had obtained copies of the required entrance fitness tests and respective minimum achievement levels/scores. When getting started on a program which would see me attain my goals, I stressed to Steve how important I thought it would be to focus solely on the physical fitness component due to the time constraints associated with the application process. Although he agreed that my concerns were valid he wanted to approach our training from several different angles so to develop other aspects equally as important to those physical. Prior to assembling a program for me to follow, Steve wanted to learn as much about me as possible in order to gauge what areas I needed to work on, how he may decide to convey instruction and what participation methods would be utilized. The fitness plan determined to be most effective for me and which was within my budget and governed by geographic limitations, included weekly face-to-face sessions where we would conduct fitness training and skills specific to physical growth and capability, telephone conversations to discuss progress and strategies, and reading packages where the majority of the technical content and assigned tasks would be administered. Covered in the reading packages where very detailed instructions for daily fitness routines I was to follow, nutritional literature and other very useful documentation which pertained to the required skills which we be required of me in this new desired profession. Steve was instrumental in assembling a training regime which not only fit my personal schedule but which also yielded enormous results and ones which were relevant to the field which I was/am pursuing.

…Steve is a professional at all levels and is a person who can be trusted to consciously look out for your best interests and development.

During our training together I was always amazed at how dedicated Steve was. He would always listen, always remember and always offer useful feedback and instruction. I could tell that he truly cared about our training and that he offered the same level of interest and enthusiasm as I did. This was always apparent in his reading packages, the effort afforded towards his feedback and personalized responses always left me amazed because I am aware of not only how busy Steve is with the community but also because I have experienced the level of service received by other so called professionals in the industry. In this day and age, one can look for a long time to find a person like Steve who carries such a deep rooted devotion for his or her work. Another superior aspect to Steve’s approach to training is his ability to understand that people readily employee different learning techniques and the fact that he is always able to smoothly adopt methods which are most tangible for the client to understand or follow. Steve also possess the profound capability of drawing congruencies between life and training and is instrumental in making sure that a natural balance is achieved, I believe this to be a huge bonus to the training because most on this planet do not possess such a talent. The bottom line is I entered into this training regime hoping to improve my aerobic fitness level and left not only physically transformed but also greatly enlightened on so many different topics with a new more mature outlook on life and with new personal skills to employ in order to take advantage of this new outlook. I can not express how greatful I am for all which Steve has offered me and so thankful that I have been subjected to such an experience so early on in life.

I have never offered such a testimonial in my life and in the aforementioned, some may question my sincerity due to the degree of praise I show for Steve and Traditional Excellence. I therefore without hesitation willingly offer my time to anyone who would wish to know more or would appreciate a recount of my testimonial on a personal basis. Please do so with coordination through Steve. As I sign off, I would like to make a final note to say that Steve is a professional at all levels and is a person who can be trusted to consciously look out for your best interests and development. He is certainly one of the most special and amazing people which I have ever crossed paths with and although I can only encourage you to trust Steve with any ambitions you may have, you will soon know for yourself the level of the playing field you are about to embark upon. Be safe, have fun and all the best in your future training and endeavours. 



Lt. Colonel Nash researched and developed a Leadership Course specific to the needs of Tactical Rescue Unit Team Leaders. I found this course to be comprehensive and challenging. The skill sets and leadership philosophies that Lt. Colonel Nash lectured on and taught in dynamic practical exercises have proven to be very useful to me in every leadership position I have been assigned to in my policing career. 

I would highly recommend Steve Nash to any individual, Service, or Company searching for a high quality training experience.

2007 Tactical Team Leaders’ Course Graduate

The men’s varsity rugby program at St. Lawrence College had the absolute pleasure of working with Steve Nash as part of our off-season training program this past winter/spring. Steve’s infectious enthusiasm and practical approach to our training requirements was warmly welcomed by both our players and our coaching staff. I was looking for Steve to utilize his experience in the martial arts to develop a training program that would draw on the principles and parallels between martial arts and rugby to benefit our players and help them improve as athletes in general and rugby players in particular. Steve did his homework, he asked me specific questions about our needs, he researched specific elements of the game of rugby and delivered an extremely appropriate and beneficial training program that players immediately took to. Steve is a natural presenter and coach and within minutes of his first session with our team he had the whole group completely enthralled. I enthusiastically recommend Steve Nash to any coach or team looking for methods to improve the athletic ability of their team or individual players.

Brad Greenwood, MSc
Athletic Director and Head Coach Men’s Rugby – St. Lawrence College, Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston Campuses

Steve Nash’s Leadership & Team Dynamics workshop is a unique blend of knowledge from a scholar’s point of view, outstanding experience in the field as a leader and common sense. This workshop leaves no stone unturned as he manages to bring all the elements of leadership and team dynamics to light in a very simple, effective package that exposes a subject far more complicated than we think. I participated in this workshop hoping to get an insight on how to improve my companies team dynamics and was exposed to very interesting ideas on how to accomplish my goals of a more effective team. Steve’s great personality, thorough knowledge of the subject matter without a doubt shines a light on certain aspects of leadership and team dynamics any organization would gain superb insight from. This would be, in my opinion, a must attend for any corporate or government organization that desires good productive change and would without the shadow of a doubt serve as a stepping stone to adopting better processes and improving relationships in the team concept. Thanks Steve…

Frank Paquette
President & Chief Instructor, Millbrook Canada

I was asked to recommnet a keynote speaker for the 2009 Aboriginal & Diversity Police Forum. Having worked with Steve in the past, I knew that he would be the perfect speaker for this particular role. Steve’s wealth of experience in the Leadership and Team Building fields made him the perfect candidate for this important lecture. The delegates at the conference were very impressed with Steve’s lecture on Advancing Human Rights Leadership & Professional Practice. Steve’s knowledge and exceptional teaching abilities allowed him to deliver his lecture to a diverse audience. It was a rewarding and excellent educational experience for all of the leaders in attendance.

Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Special Events Coordinator