We are particular about who we list here and trust each of these people and organizations without reservation. Please let them know that you visited their site based on our advice and let us know if you have any issues.

Millbrook Tactical

Millbrook Tactical Canada
If your organization is looking for the very best in tactical training and advice, Millbrook Tactical is the choice. With a wide variety of services, it is dedicated to providing Canadian military, law enforcement and government agencies with true world class operational training support and services.

Tier1 SOF

Tier1SOFOffering “Services with Integrity” for government and private organization, Tier 1 SOF is a highly reliable and trusted organization. Whether the performance gap is training, human, organizational, equipment, communication or policy based, the TIER 1 SOF portfolio of services is delivered with solid ethics, corporate knowledge and common sense.

Japan Martial Arts Center, Kancho Okuyama

Japan Martial Arts CentreAs a student of martial arts for over 30 years, Steve Nash has trained since 1984 with 9th Dan Black Belt, Takemasa Okuyama. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada at the Japan Martial Arts Center, Kancho Okuyama teaches around Canada and the world, bringing his unique brand of martial arts genius to all who have the good fortune to train with him. He is the Director General for the International Karate Association, the President of I.K.A. Canada, and founder/head of the Universal Peacekeeping Martial Arts Association.

John Leroux @ World Karate Fit Centre

Steve Nash and Traditional Excellence have partnered with John Leroux  and his World Karate Fit Centre since 2002 to create and deliver events like the Fitness/Martial Arts Boot Camps. John Leroux is a7th Dan Black Belt and a particularly talented instructor who combines various martial arts and fitness for amazing results. If you are looking for training in Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, Tae Bo ad/or Karate Fit in the Ottawa area and beyond, then you should really visit John’s site.

Randy Zabukovec IRON Stride

A partner to Steve Nash and Traditional Excellence for many years, Randy Zabukovec runs IRON Stride fitness training. As a former professional IRONMAN triathlete, Randy’s talents as an athlete, coach, mentor, instructor and motivator are too numerous to mention here. Check out his site for exceptional training opportunities.

Dragan Klejenak @ Karate-D0 Shotokan

As a talented, compassionate and highly regarded Karate practitioner and instructor, Dragan Klejenak is a 6th Dan Black Belt who runs Karate-Do Shotokan and is also the President of Karate Ontario. Steve Nash has considered Dragan as a friend and mentor for many years and recommends him as a Karate teacher for anyone seeking the utmost in professionalism, dedication, exacting standards and strong character.

Mark @ TI Cycle

If you live anywhere in the Kingston, Gananoque, Brockville area and need cycling support, Mark and TI Cycle are your best choice. Mark and his team are real cycling geniuses who provide nothing but the very best in advice, sales, and servicing.

Pat @ Unik Skills

Check out this new site for Pat @ Unik Skills, an exciting training group that is now underway in the Ottawa area.