For almost 25 years, Steve Nash commanded, led and mentored some of the best soldiers in the world with the Canadian Forces. During that time, he continuously used and honed his knowledge and talents in planning, decision making and delivering ideas to his teams and others at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. Steve successfully used these skills as a commander on exercises and on operations in Canada and around the world, as well as an instructor/mentor at the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College.

Traditional Excellence offers their partners in collaboration a wide cross section of interactive training and advice to best create background knowledge/understanding and real world practical success.

***Some comments from the recent Challenge Engagement, Decision Making, Planning and Articulation Workshop in Kingston:

 →  “Engaging with an interesting and diverse group – led by/guided by Steve in his insightful and charismatic way.” 

 →  “Not long enough! The day flew by.” 

Consider how Steve and Traditional Excellence can provide that extra something to your organization. Whether you have a small team requiring quick decisions, a large team with bigger and more time intensive consideration before decisions, or any combination of any size or decision speed, let us help you maximize your opportunities and success, in the real world, amid real world situations, stresses and issues.